Why Population Researchers Should Be Data Visualization Experts

Erica Nybro, ICF International and Johns Hopkins University
Amanda Makulec, JSI Research and Training Institute
Libby Skolnik, Johns Hopkins University

The aim of generating data and information through research is often to share new insights and knowledge so that policymakers, donors, program managers, and other stakeholders can make evidence-driven decisions as they plan and budget for social programs. Creating compelling data visualizations that clearly communicate a message to a specific audience provides a medium for sharing research findings in meaningful ways, increasing their likelihood of being used to design or adapt programs. The process for developing such visualizations requires framing the story for a specific audience, deciding the most effective design medium, and strategizing for effective dissemination. A deliberate, stepwise framework complete with insights from hundreds of design processes will provide researchers with a simple approach to creatively using data visualizations to illustrate their findings.

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Presented in Session 63: Visualizing Demographic Data