Unmet Needs on Sexual and Reproductive Health among Women Aged 50-64 in Rural China

Xiaoming Sun, Nanjing Youdian University
Xingyu Shu, Nanjing Youdian University
Zhanhong Zong, Nanjing Youdian University
Jingshu Mao, Nanjing Youdian University
Yu Sun, University of North Georgia

Background: China’s national family planning program has mainly focused on married women of reproductive age, and women after age 50 are no longer eligible for free services. Methods: We interviewed 1652 rural women aged 50-64 and examined sexual and reproductive health status and service demands. We used logistic regression to examine the association between IUD removal after menopause and the participants’ characteristics,SRH knowledge, attitude and practice. Results: The average age of menopause was 48.9 years. 52.4% participants experienced climacteric symptoms and received poor SRH services. Among 519 post-menopausal women who used an IUD for contraception, 19.1% had not had their IUD removed.In multivariate regression, awareness of correct IUD removal time, belief about sex after menopause and receiving formal health education were significantly associated with having IUD removal. Conclusions: A large proportion of middle-aged women in rural China lack quality sexual and reproductive health services, particularly IUD removal for the postmenopausal women.

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Presented in Poster Session 9: Family Planning, Sexual Behavior, and Reproductive Health