The Place-of-Birth Composition of Immigrants to the United States: 2000 to 2013

Eric B. Jensen, U.S. Census Bureau
Anthony Knapp, U.S. Census Bureau
C. Peter Borsella, U.S. Census Bureau
Kathleen Nestor, U.S. Census Bureau

In 2013, China became the top sending country for immigrants to the United States, replacing Mexico. This followed a decade of increasing immigration from China while immigration from Mexico was declining. In addition to China, several of the other top immigrant-sending countries in 2013 were from Asia including India, Korea, Philippines, and Japan. In this paper, we will show trends in the national origins of recent immigrants to the United States using data from the 2000 to 2013 single-year American Community Survey data. In addition to showing trends in the size of immigrant flows, we also analyze the demographic, social, and economic characteristics of the recent immigrants from the top sending countries.

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Presented in Poster Session 6: Migration and Urbanization/Population, Development, and the Environment