Sports Demography: Demographic Analysis Applied to Sporting Populations

Petra Dupalov√°, Charles University in Prague

This paper briefly introduces selected demographic methods and their application in sports, especially in athletics. Survival analysis is mainly used for calculations. Analysis is applied to data corresponding with the length of the TOP sports career rather than length of life of the individual. This means life tables showing the length of the TOP careers of men and women in various disciplines. The analysis showed that women reach the TOP career at a younger age than men. The results of survival function confirmed that the performance of men and women in various age groups and in individual disciplines are different. The TOP careers of individual groups also differ in expected duration. We tested the impact of the annual period (spring/summer/autumn/winter) in which the athlete was born on the length of his/her TOP career using the method of survival analysis. However, the hypothesis has not been confirmed.

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Presented in Poster Session 2: Data and Methods/Applied Demography/ Spatial Demography/ Demography of Crime