The Contribution of Social Cash Transfers on the Livelihood of Vulnerable Households in Uganda

Vivienne Najjemba, SAGE Project, Uganda

The study aimed to assess the contribution of social cash transfers on the livelihood of vulnerable households in Uganda.Through a cross-sectional survey design, engaging qualitative and quantitative data collection approaches, results showed that target, accessibility and delivery of social cash transfers all had a positive and statistically significant relationship with delivery coming out as the strongest of all variables that contributed to livelihood of vulnerable households. It also pointed out that there were some inclusion and exclusion errors, poor road networks and fraud in the implementation of the project. Therefore, it is recommended that Government should come up with proper systems to assist on citizens’ birth and death registrations for better planning and errors reduction. Accessibility to social cash transfers needs to be explored more to reduce the cost of access. Systems should be put in place to curb the leakages that are involved in the delivery of the social cash transfers.

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Presented in Poster Session 8: Economy, Labor Force, Education, and Inequality/Gender, Race and Ethnicity