Geopolitics of Population: How the Demographic Processes Are Shaping National Power

Vadim Bezverbny, Institute of Social and Political Research, Russian Academy of Sciences

Population parameters are becoming more crucial as the most important factors of national security and geopolitical power of the state. In this context, the demographic component acts as one of the most important factors determining the geopolitical situation of the state. The significance of demographic factors has been noted by the greatest minds in history as an effective measure of state consolidation and well-being. Relying on the above facts, we propose to highlight 11 demographic factors and processes that influence on the geopolitical situation of the state: 1. Overall population size 2. Birth Rate 3. Death Rate 4. Population Quality 5. Population Age Structure 6. Ethnic and Religious Diversity 7. Population Gender Structure 8. Population Family Structure 9. Population Density 10. Population Displacement Types 11. Migration Processes We want to offer a new direction which will take into account the demographics of the geopolitical aspects - geopolitics of population or strategic demography.

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Presented in Session 93: Population and Geopolitics