Population and Food Security in Kenya: An Application of Spectrum Model

Wanjiru Gichuhi, University of Nairobi
George O. Odwe, University of Nairobi

The current size and pace of growth of the human population of about 2.9 percent growth per year remain unprecedented. This paper considers what we know about the relationship between population and food security and what population projections suggest would be the case over the next half century in Kenya if the status quo in production of cereals as represented by maize which is the main staple food remained unchanged. This project demonstrates the relationship among population growth and food security in Kenya using the Spectrum Model. Despite difficulties in predicting the exact constraints or possibilities that may determine future population trends, the study using Spectrum Model, demonstrates how population projections could help the dialogue about the present and future challenges of food security as measured by the demand of major cereal crops. The paper make policy and programmatic recommendations that would help avert future food insecurity

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Presented in Session 201: Population, Agriculture, and Food Security