Gender Dimension of Food Security in India: Issues, Challenges and Solutions

Tanya Gandhi, Maharshi Dayanand University

Food security is a critical issue for developing economies that is being addressed at International and National level. Despite all efforts, the socially and economically dependent class of females in rural India are still deprived of equal access to food & nutrition as compared to males. The inferior status of women in Indian society is being reflected in their status of nourishment and food availability. This issue of individual level disparity in households regarding access to food is often ignored. This paper attempts to explore the challenges against food security of women and ways to raise their level of food consumption and nutrition through different modes of women empowerment and offers certain suggestions and policy implications in this regard. The results suggest that in case of poorest of the poor and also the population having limited resources, the preference is given to adult males and male children of the household.

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Presented in Poster Session 6: Migration and Urbanization/Population, Development, and the Environment